Effective Date: August 10,2023

Thank you for considering Grip Elite LLC for your team's grip sock needs. Please read these terms of service carefully before submitting your team order. By placing an order through our Team Orders Form on the website grpelite.com, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Team Orders:

Grip Elite LLC offers the option for football teams to place orders in large bulks through the Team Orders Form on our website. These orders are intended for organized teams and groups.

2. Payment Methods:

At Grip Elite LLC, the security and satisfaction of our customers are paramount. As such, for team orders processed through the Team Orders Form on our website, grpelite.com, we have made the deliberate choice to accept prepaid debit cards exclusively. This decision is rooted in our unwavering commitment to fortifying the security of transactions and preserving the personal information of our customers. Recent episodes of credit and debit card fraud have demonstrated the pressing need for elevated security measures, prompting us to enforce on this course of action.

Our journey has been shaped by our past experiences. We found ourselves grappling with considerable challenges arising from fraudulent payments and chargebacks when dealing with previous payment processors. These incidents not only inflicted financial strains upon our enterprise but also disrupted the seamless experience that genuine customers rightfully deserve. In the interest of safeguarding our interests and upholding the satisfaction of our patrons, we have instituted this policy, which mandates the acceptance of prepaid debit cards exclusively.

The Underlying Logic:

  1. Mitigated Risk: Prepaid debit cards serve as an effective bulwark against potential fraudulent endeavors. Given that these cards are endowed with a predetermined sum, the specter of unauthorized transactions and undue chargebacks is substantially curtailed.

  2. Amplified Authentication: The utilization of prepaid debit cards necessitates customers to furnish specific details during the card's activation process. This information, in turn, empowers us to authenticate the legitimacy of transactions, thereby reducing the likelihood of deceitful orders.

  3. Client Experience: Through the attenuation of the risks connected to credit and debit card fraud, our objective is to furnish a shopping milieu characterized by seamlessness and security. Your serenity is of paramount importance to us, and this pronouncement underscores our steadfast dedication to your protection.

While we understand that this policy might represent a departure from conventional payment methods, it is imperative to underline that our foremost aspiration is to engender a secure and trustworthy arena for customers to place team orders with unflinching confidence. By embracing this exclusive reliance on prepaid debit cards, we aspire to guarantee the sanctity of each transaction and perpetuate the superlative quality of service associated with Grip Elite LLC.

We are indebted to your understanding and collaboration as we endeavor to realize this policy. Should inquiries or concerns concerning this payment method arise, we encourage you to reach out to our responsive customer service team via email at support@grpelite.com. Your gratification occupies a paramount place in our endeavors, and we stand ready to guide you through every juncture of your engagement with us.

Moreover, we would like to highlight that we are attuned to the diversified preferences of our esteemed clientele. Alongside prepaid debit cards, clients have the flexibility to choose between bank-to-bank ACH transfers and PayPal transfers for their team orders. This multiplicity of options underscores our commitment to tailoring our services to accommodate your individual needs.

3. Ordering Process:

- All team orders must be submitted through the designated Team Orders Form on our website.
- You will receive an order confirmation email upon successful submission of the form.
- Payment must be made in full before the order is processed and shipped.
- Order processing and delivery times may vary based on the size of the order and product availability.

4. Pricing and Discounts:

- Pricing for bulk orders is determined based on the quantity of grip socks ordered.
- Any applicable discounts or promotions will be applied to the final invoice after order submission.

5. Returns and Exchanges:

- Grip socks purchased through team orders are not eligible for returns or exchanges unless there is a defect in the product.
- If you encounter any issues with the received products, please contact our customer service team within 5 business days of receiving the order.

6. Communication:

All communication regarding team orders, including order inquiries and updates, will be conducted via the contact information provided in the Team Orders Form.

7. Modifications to Terms:

Grip Elite LLC reserves the right to modify, update, or revise these terms of service at any time without prior notice. It is recommended that you review these terms periodically to stay informed of any changes.

By submitting a team order through the Team Orders Form on grpelite.com, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service team at supprt@grpelite.com.

Thank you for choosing Grip Elite LLC for your team's grip sock needs!

Grip Elite LLC